Telerik RadControls continue to be one of the most widely used ASP.NET developer tools in the industry. While they aren’t free, they do offer a free 30-day trial for the tools on their website.

These tools are designed to save us time while creating dynamic user interfaces. Let’s dive into creating buttons with Telerik.

Getting Started

After you have Telerik installed, you can create a new application by selecting RadControls Web Application when selecting your desired application type. Once you have your new Telerik enabled application, navigate over to the Default.aspx file to get started

Alternatively, we can enable Telerik on any application we may have already created by navigating the Telerik option in the menu bar, then selecting Convert To Telerik Website.

The Code

Let’s get into the markup for our Telerik button. We’re going to create a button that displays the current date and time when it is clicked. We can start by writing the following markup:

The above code creates a simple button and label element. We’re going to display the date and time inside the label element when the button is clicked. To create this functionality, open up your code-behind and start by creating a click event like the code below:

In the above code, we use the Text method inside the button_click event to add the date and time to the label.

Believe it or not, that’s all the code you need to create a dynamic Telerik button. Visit Telerik to learn more about the Telerik RadControls, and how they can shorten your development time.